Valentine's Day; a romantic gourmet adventure in Paris

For Valentine's Day this year, why not offer your loved one the most beautiful of gifts; one which will put stars in their eyes and make their heart beat a little faster? Treat them to a romantic break in Paris, under the sign of love, gourmet experiences and the pleasures of the senses! To enjoy gorgeous macarons, fabulous sweet treats, extraordinary pastries and irresistible chocolates, get out there and do a tour of the capital’s most brilliant pâtissiers and chocolatiers. Here are our recommendations.

The Hotel Sophie Germain offers great rates and a little surprise in their rooms for all lovers.


Angelina, the trendy gourmet tea room

Here’s a very chic and Parisian outing; sitting down for a hot chocolate at the famous and long-established Angelina tea room. Between the deliciously rich and thick chocolat chaud and the many mouth-watering pastries, you’ll not know where to turn or what to start on first! Enjoy a tastily romantic treat for two with hot chocolate made from a blend of four different varieties of cocoa beans!


Ladurée; festive macarons

The debate rages on. Is it Ladurée or Pierre Hermé who makes the best macarons in the capital? The only way you can judge is to try both! Regarding Ladurée, get ready for an explosion of flavours, ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative. The Ladurée tea rooms also offer a grandiose atmosphere and splendid surroundings, with mouldings, gilding and fine placemats. A visit to the largest Ladurée tea salon in the capital, situated on the Champs-Élysées, is simply essential. You will certainly not be disappointed by the red velvet decor and period furniture, or the exceptional service. A perfect outing for gourmets and lovers!


Pierre Hermé, the crazy artist pastry chef

Specialising in macarons, Pierre Hermé has the gratitude of dedicated connoisseurs due to his restless creativity. He experiments with the art of baking to produce flavours that push at the boundaries of possibility, from lime to violet via coriander and rose. Lovers, head to the flagship boutique in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district to be delighted by the delicate appearance of the pastries, followed by their fabulous flavours. Then, satisfied, stroll hand in hand along the banks of the Seine or in the courtyard of the Louvre.


Hotel Sophie Germain, your love nest

Celebrate your love in the elegant and contemporary setting of the Hotel Sophie Germain. Located in the vibrant and lively 14th arrondissement, near the Rue Daguerre and its famous market, and the commercial district of Montparnasse, you’ll have the chance to experience Paris like true Parisians, enjoying your coffee in the morning on a terrace, then wandering off to the bakery. The rooms of the Hotel Sophie Germain are spacious, quiet, cosy and comfortable, ideal for returning to in the evening after gourmet pilgrimages throughout the city.


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